Good Will Hunting!

Good Will Hunting is a significant film. I think, the word ‘profound’ would be more appropriate. I was astonished by the embedding of plethora of ideas in this two hour movie! You see Genius-like high voltage current, friendship-like most comely relation, love-like a beautiful fragrance, psychoanalysis and societal pressures of conforming; all so nicely portrayed in this movie. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon wrote this affecting script; the fact that they wrote it and then performed so brilliantly on-screen at such a young age amazes me.  And I have never witnessed a better performance by Robin Williams. He must have gotten Oscar for this performance (and he did get it!). Matt Damon was so natural in form of Will Hunting. I highly recommend this movie to everyone. It’s one of my all-time favourites now!

I read a review saying that this script is boring and devoid of any substance. One of the arguments was: Can a genius like Will Hunting, so widely read and good looking go unnoticed in America? My answer to that is-yes; if he is not willing to expose himself; therefore it’s not a valid argument against substantiality of the script. The performance by Stellan Skarsgard is also good. A great aspect of this movie is relation of Will Hunting with Sean, his counsellor. His relationship with his girlfriend is a bit puzzling yet deep. And his bunch of friends just make you feel good. These relations are moving. There are a few scenes which would make you cry if you are sentimental. The film is an inspirational drama, a psychological story which touches you deep inside and makes you think. The most (and best) bit of dialogue happens between Will and his counsellor. Kudos to them! The scene in which Will’s best friend(played by Ben Affleck) says to him that he would be happiest if he found that Will has disappeared suddenly one day; is one of the most touching scene between two friends I have ever seen in cinema! Like any other good movie you do not want this movie to end…it seems it ends sooner than you had expected!     

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