Black Magic on District Magistrate?

Is it limit of superstition? In an intriguing and hilarious and perhaps quite tragic event, a district magistrate, who happens to be a superstitious lady, filed a case of ‘attempted black-magic’ against her home guard. Her home guard, another lady, told reporters that DM used to exercise her commands in not-so-noble fashion. Now, the home-guard is asked by the court ‘what she was doing in the bed room of DM, while her duty was in other area which is far from DM’s house’. This melodramatic episode of The Great Indian Drama highlights the much iterated tragedy of Indian culture where superstition can overtake even well educated government officials.

Home guard, lachrymose and shivering, told reporters that DM used her like a servant and used to take her services for her household chores. Home guard told that she had to wash undergarments of DM, had to wash clothes of her children and had to massage DM’s body.

DM on the other hand is reluctant to speak on this matter to reporters. She is not attending any calls. Reporters tell that a Hindu priest was called to the DM house to perform Yajna and rituals to ward-off the (d) evil effects of black magic. Allegedly it all started when DM found mustard seeds on her bed which is said to be used in black magic. DM feared that home guard was trying to hypnotize her by using black magic.

Home guard was detained. She sat for 16 hours in city police station on charges of having ‘fixed’ mustard seeds on the bed of DM. Sentimental home guard complaint that she lost her two teeth when she was going to duty ( to DM’s house), still, DM did not permit her to take any leave.

The question ‘what home guard was doing at DM’s house’ should be answered by DM and not by home guard in my opinion. Percy Boyce Shelly said once “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

Home guard said that she was massaging DM’s body and mustard seeds were in her blouse’s pocket. She said that those were for seasonings and pickles and she had borrowed them from neighborhood as she was going back to her home. She was unaware of the fact that those seeds fell on bed while massaging.

Is it hilarious or tragic? This is state of belief system of a district magistrate in India. The event happened in a district in Uttar Pradesh. If a DM has such an exemplary state of mind what could be said about common masses?

Apart from being absolutely paranoid and hysteric, she wields her power unduly on her subordinates. Isn’t it extreme of misuse of power that not only she exploited home guard for her household chores but also filed a case against her of having attempted black-magic? The home guard is questioned why she went to DM’s house when she was appointed at some other place? This is how law functions in this country? Now, poor lady is on brink of losing her job as well. Serve those in power and tolerate their quirks and do their household chores and then be ready to lose your job!    

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