Macario is a classic.  It’s the finest Mexican movie I have ever watched along with Herod’s Law. The protagonist is a taciturn but reflective individual with a strong presence and his wife has immense unselfish love for him (played by a very beautiful Mexican actress who tragically committed suicide very early in her life). The first few scenes portray abject poverty in the life of a poverty stricken woodcutter Macario who is ever hungry and then mystery takes over.
The movie is profoundly symbolic and philosophical. It questions our value system and shows Devil, God and Death all dealing with Macario. The scene with candles of life burning and the dialogue there-in is one of the most memorable scenes about the life ( ironically dialogue comes from ‘Death’) ever witnessed on screen. The inquisition and religious propaganda is also portrayed well.

This was the first Mexican movie which got nominated for academy awards. Ignacio Lòpez Tarso(Macario) has  done what could be called best of method acting. Apart from the mystery this film portrays something called ‘Day of the Dead’ in Mexican culture. I think in all cultures there are such days. This movie is very rich in meaning and metaphors. I read that in the original story, Macario’s adorable wife saves money for many years to get the Turkey for her husband whereas in the film she steals it. I highly recommend this film to connoisseurs of good cinema. 

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