My Zorbing Adventure!

Zorbing has a way of making people smile, whether you’re a bystander or literally in the middle of the action. It’s a pretty simple concept: Squeeze into the hollow centre of a huge, translucent sphere — the Zorb — and roll down a hill, bouncing up, down and all around.
Chicago Sun-Times, 20 Jul. 2008

Zorbing is a pretty new game. It’s a new way to get adrenaline rush by feeling anti-gravity rolling. As Michael Quinion has suggested in his article on his website ( –Zorbing is by all accounts: like being a stray sock in a spin dryer, and it’s obligatory to scream a lot!

Personally, though,  I did not have a puckered face or any screams today as far as I remember, which might well be because I am brave as a barrel full of bears ( *shrug*) or owing to the fact that the rolling was on a flat surface!

 Zorbing comes from ‘Zorb’ for a rolling ball (orb).  Just a few years ago Zorbing was a new term for me, and after getting acquainted with it, I did conceive of writing something on it; however, until very recently I had no first-hand experience to do so. It’s not that I do not write something on a subject before getting direct experience of it, but in case of Zorbing, it was so.  We had a team outing to a resort today and Zorbing was available along with a few other games. I have to admit that this was my first ever experience with Zorbing. This Zorbing was not on a declination but rather on plane ground surface and the ball was being rolled at a mild pace for a distance of about 200 meters. I must also admit of getting a few bruises on my fingers. I had excessive diaphoresis (I Cannot help using technical name for sweating, as I have newly learned it and was eagerly awaiting an opportunity to use it!)  because of the heat inside the ball. I must suggest that anyone going for a Zorbing session should go when weather is not humid, hot or harassing, because the material of the Zorbing ball absorbs heat from surroundings at a great rate. It’s good to go for Zorbing with someone else as it is easy to roll the ball and maintain balance when there is a pair of players inside the ball. I recommend that you should not go for Zorbing after having lunch, as it’s likely to make you get an urge for puking.  I would also suggest you to not to have things in your pockets which could fall when you roll up against gravity (I had keys in my pocket which fell on ground! Thankfully I got them back!). I think I have already given a lot of advice for free, still, I could not find out how to avoid bruises; I hope to find it out and hopefully, I will let you know when I do! 

Oh yes, it was fun for me; I did not even recall when I got bruises and I came to know about them only after a few minutes when I looked at the knuckles of my fingers!

I also realized only after getting out of the ball that I did not feel like travelling 200 meters rolling with the ball, rather, it seemed that I just had a few rolls only for 50 meters or so. I asked the instructors ” Did you really made me roll the whole distance or you just fooled me? “

They said ” we did, you may as well ask onlookers who were witnessing and observing you “

It might be scary if : 

1. You are claustrophobic
2. You get giddy when on a roller coaster or fast vehicles.


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