I had sojourns and stays in many cities in last 25 years. Starting from my native town Chhatarpur to Kota, Bhopal, Pune, Chennai and Bangalore; I have spent enough time in all of these cities.  I liked Bangalore most and luckily it’s also my present station.

In spite of double the number of vehicles than roads of city can bear, in spite of kilometres long lines of vehicles due to the traffic jams and in spite of cacophonies; the climate of this city is what makes it outstanding.  I love climate of Bangalore. Bangalore mostly has three seasons: Pink winter, autumn and winter. Yes, there is no summer in Bangalore. If sunshine harasses you, say, for a day or two, it drizzles very soon.   

Apart from the climate, people staying in Bangalore are also very civilized, well behaved and friendly. They are friendlier than most of the people. You can speak Hindi, English, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, without any inhibitions whatsoever here!

Thanks to the glamour and purchasing power of people residing here, which has much to do with its being one of the IT capitals of India, prices are soaring very high for most of the commodities, but, that seems to be the norm in most of the metropolitan cities of India these days! [Well, I keep on hearing all the time ‘Bangalore is very costly’]

If I am given a choice, I would love to stay in Bangalore, more than, in any other city in India. 

Would love to hear from you!

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