May, 2010

Those three and half fragrant months seem like fresh cool breeze in scorching heat!

 I have witnessed almost all of us becoming more interactive with our colleagues from different regions, religions and cultures. At times, I used to listen three –four different conversations, in Bengali, Telugu, Hindi and English simultaneously going on in the different corners of my class room. Positively, we all tried to learn bits and pieces of new languages from our friends, but to be honest ; it also caused some minute resentments due to the ambiguity inherent in human perception when interacting with something new and unknown. On the whole, many of us felt that our standard of English dropped down to hilariously dramatic levels during our training! (Apologies in advance for all of those agreeing calmly to disagree!)

The first two days, after the induction program, known as CSS  training, were most memorable days in academy, not only in my humble opinion but also as per the valuable opinion of many of our friends. The reason seems to be lack of pre- conceived notions about our batch mates, lack of segregation into regional groups and a lot of quick change of teams for various creative games. Once we became well acquainted with each other, that perfume of innocent and wonderful interaction in team-games was replaced by something less profound and less transforming.  Many of us can never forget our highly energetic, humane and optimistic trainer Ratna. She instilled a lot of confidence in us and it was, as if, she recharged us for the rest of our journey at the academy.

Batch outings have also been very significant not only in molding   us into the organizational culture but also in making us feel more comfortable with each other. Whenever some of us slackened, our CTM was there to goad us onto the right path for exploring more and more places together. We made many friends, celebrated a lot of birthdays together and made Chrispas /Christmas , who are likely to remain in our mind forever. On every X-mas , we would surely recall our Chrispas/Christmas. Actually, our CTM introduced the idea of organizing fun activities using this theme, and it became an instant hit, a great success and something which strengthened bonds ‘more than professional’  among all of us. You may wonder on those peculiarly dramatic relations—like your Chrispa being great- great grandchild of your Chrischild and so on. A pair of Chrispa/Chrisma formed a deadlock, feeling alienated from rest of us because coincidentally, they were mutual Chrisma/Chrispa—an extremely rare Chris -relation indeed!

We also had committees to manage various affairs. For example, Twenty Four By Seven for presenting news, fun committee for organizing various fun activities ( I cannot forget the way we all decorated our class room together, helping each other, for Christmas!) and Techno- minds for  helping us keep at par with the  latest technical training. At least for me, the fun activities were entirely new in nature and they were novel in their  way of execution too. Some of us had to play  a frog, a crow or a horse, some of us had to dance, and some others  had to wear Sari or to serve coffee in pantry to each and everyone. One of our friends was given the task of saying “Aaiye aaiye aapka swagat hai”( Come come you are very welcome!) to each and everyone (except to our batch-mates) entering into  our classroom. This was the peak of good humor. On the whole, these activities helped us in becoming more flexible,  more adept in coping with new challenges and more confident in expressing our creative sides.

What I myself felt, about the course at academy, is, that it was, too fast paced and many of us were kept on toes with those assessments. Most of us cannot forget that maddening rush of adrenaline before those tests, though; personally I did not get many chill-pills down my spine! “Coffee with Chan”, was one of the most powerful and most circulated phrases during our days at academy, portraying the horror of an imaginary martinet (In my humble opinion!).

[ It was supposed that ‘detectives of the one whose name is not to be mentioned’ were in every corner of academy and we had to take gingerly steps before ever mentioning him in a conversation!]

Discipline at the academy was really good (and we feel more so, after coming to BU). In a way, those three and half months have been most   enjoyable and fruitful span of our life for many of us! 

After getting into the  academy, I not only became part of a big network, but also, part of a very good culture. I am convinced that most of my friends agree that we gained a lot from academy. Sweet memories of this beautiful sojourn will always remain with us.

Would love to hear from you!

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