Allohistories and Cyber-loafers!

May 24, 2010
Hello everyone,
Though I am no longer a Cyber-Loafer now, mine is a peculiar belief-system(I wonder why being a cyber-loafer has anything to do with your belief system, still, there always seems to be a link, you know!)  It is not to suggest that it is more real than that of yours. It is, like any other psyche, a bunch of beliefs and feelings held together.( As I am writing this to you, some of my team mates have ordered  Pijja, from Pijja –Hut , as we are going to have dinner in office only .) One of these is an overwhelming and frequent stream of Deja-Vus. The other one is ‘Parallel-Universes’ I inhabit. We have had many discussions on the former and about the later,  one may recommend you a movie, one of the bests ever watched, “The Butterfly Effect”, just to have an idea about this interesting theory(belief/line of thought). Please, do not watch the sequels, for it would be, sheer waste of your valuable time! Just go for the original, if you would, in your spare time.  Though there is, another movie, ‘Deja-Vu’, one never had enough courage to watch it. There are many movies, crafted extremely well, on this idea of ‘Allohistories’(this term means: ”Alternate Histories”!). “Back To The Future” is, one such remarkable,  thought provoking, extremely intriguing film. Though, time-travel is not exactly same to the idea of  Parallel-Universes, still, these two have much in common, if you just start to ponder and wonder a little. If you ever contemplate on these three(lines of thought, namely Deja-Vu, Time Travel, Parallel Universe), you will find, that they are not two isolated dimensions, but  rather, associated streams(I would elaborate it /discuss with you/explicate it to you if you find it amusing enough, on some sunny day, when birds will be chirping sweetly around you and you will be blithe and joyous!). It is interesting to note that ‘Self’ exercises nothing but its ‘will to power’, to more power and to ever more power in stretching its imagination with these fantastic ideas!
 It seemed that the last one month was too fast paced. My many apologies for not being prolific enough and for the lack of flow in communication.  It simply means that my mind was bemused and had little time to chatter. Tell me more about your disposition(physical, social and psychological), your whereabouts, your tastes and your belief system, as and when you like and I will be more than glad to come up with some sincere feedback .
Truly yours,

Would love to hear from you!

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