Gandhi: A New Book!

There is a new unauthorized biography coming out which paints Gandhi as a bisexual bigot with a penchant for sleeping with underaged girls:…hi-bisexual-_n_841410.html

My first hand opinion:

I personally consider that Gandhi was a great genius; no more, no less. He had all the marks of a genius right from very beginning: Love of truth, immense courage and love of knowledge. His spiritual genius is indeed below par and he cannot be compared to a Buddha or a Laozi. Even the Wikipedia article mentions that he had some very unusual ideas about sublimation of libido. He took a vow of celibacy at an age of 36 and since that age he never had an intercourse. I have no proof to support whether he had an intercourse or not, as I was not present with him all the time ( and his being really a ‘celibate’ or being sexually active even after having taken his vow of celibacy does not matter much for me) but it is suggested that the sole purpose of his taking the vow of celibacy at an age of 36, after having become a father of four children was-to direct his drive toward his goals of achieving independence for India. The perstinacy and obstinacy are telltale hallmarks of geniuses and they were there very marked in that man. His philosophy was no philosophy but whatever he had was very simple to practice. Even Einstein remarked at his death “It will be very difficult for future generations, to believe that such a man ever walked in flesh and blood”. You might suggest that ‘celibacy’ is much appreciated in Indian saints, and that might have been a cause of immense faith of the Indians in Gandhi, which in turn resulted in the immense force against the rule of the East India company. So, this book, new books and whatever information I can glean on Gandhi, is not going to alter my fundamental idea about him and I do not worship people made of flesh and blood. The practice of sleeping with the young girls in bed was there to test the power of his will and power of his vow. I cannot imagine any other Indian, capable of doing that, even in today’s age, in the name of testing the power of will; therefore I appreciate the courage and genius of the man because he did that publicly, with everyone being aware of that and not just in private. 


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