Letter to My Desperate Chrischild!

Good night and warm greetings from me!

Glad to know that you are enjoying this silence and change in your life! It has been drizzling since yesterday evening(or may be since yesterday afternoon!) and it was a bit cold, almost ‘pink’ winter when I got up this morning. It was a joy to take bath using some really chilling  water at about eight o’clock in the morning. Cool breeze is blowing at a high speed and some crickets are still singing. Sounds from some distant moving vehicles keep on pouring into my ears and I am blithe and joyous.
I realize your haplessness of having none of us for chatting on OCS, still, silence confers its own blessings methinks. Great to see that you are also, like some other teetotaler brothers, in dire need of some specters and you are trying to hunt ‘haunted corners’ in your office in spare time!
My intuition says that firstly, you are not going to get one soon, and even if you get one, it is a very arduous task to tame one and deploy it into the project of hunting the allegedly already haunted house of Mr. Arghya. Still, I wish you a very good luck for your shamanic ventures!
Yours as ever,


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