You might have given some attention to this idea. This has clicked me many a times but today i decided to bring it online before you because we are involved in the discussion of some of the most interesting ideas these days. My premise is that as per the law of reinforcement and feedback, the practice of blogging is a sign of increment in human perceptiveness in general. I have a few premises in contrary to this one but let us at first pay a little attention to it. Without an exact idea about when this trend became a zeitgeist, it seems to be quite new. It is, being able to write down your thoughts and ideas on any blog and getting feedback from a lot of people. Why feedback is more readily available than ever? It is because of the globalization of the ideas—-you find many persons capable of giving you feedback, if not from your own country, then from some other countries because distances are no more. I never imagined, while i was reading ‘The Einstein Factor’, in 2002, that someday i will be able to interact with the cerebral of author of the book who has uncovered secrets of high human intelligence in such a lucid manner, because, i barely had an access to internet then, in my small town. So reach of our message, to the persons really capable of, or well suited to, giving you an appropriate feedback, is indeed more than what it used to be. Back in 90s, most of my colleagues, parents, friends, used to laugh on my ideas and it was very rare to get a feedback. People look at you in surprise : ” That guy seems to be different “–they even acknowledge that you are different—but whether you are for better or for worse—whether your ideas make sense at all or they are just quirky musings of a whimsical individual who has got no practical sense at all–is never ascertained. So the fact that i am able to interact with you has much to do with Internet, and its being available to more and more people these days. The most intriguing idea is that of blogging. We know that core of being perceptive is all about being able to bring online our most subtle perceptions and being able to get more and more feedback. So, blogging not only allows you to let outpour your emotions but also makes you capable of getting feedback easily from many individuals who are well suited to give you the feedback. Now the point is, is it really a sign that more and more individuals are getting feedback for their perceptions? The criteria of ‘1 per-centers’ are no more there? Means, are there now, more than just 1% of the population, busy in describing their thoughts aloud? If answer is a ‘yes’ then answer to the original question is also yes.

Another advantage of having your system and scribbling using it, or advantage of keeping an online journal is: to be able to express your most subtle as well as most private thoughts without any hindrance or hesitation. This has been my practical experience. After July 2003, i started scribbling on a regular basis, in my notebooks, which were leather bound journals. I became extremely productive/prolific as the time passed by and then i had to carry with me some 50 some notebooks as and when relocation was required—-that was one aspect of difficulty but a more crude one was, humiliation caused when an occasional visitor or a regular friend used to read some of my thoughts from those notebooks. It used to be emotional encroachment. They seemed like intruders to me. I had to burn some 50+ notebooks in 2006 because it became way too much to handle. I had a sense of relief when i was burning all those notebooks

So with the habit of writing using a system, instead of a notepad and pen[ which is essential in some places!] released me in more than one way. It made feedback easier, recording easier, reference easier but most important; it made me enjoy more privacy. So it is a very critical factor in my humble opinion because it makes for a great freedom in expression and hence makes you more perceptive!

Some ideas which may contradict the suggestion that blogging is a sign of increment in perceptiveness of mankind in general might be—that there has been research that number of readers of books has significantly decreased. That cognitive vocabulary of population in general has degraded and is more tending to become SMSese lingo these days. That people no more write long letters to explain their ideas but rather talk on phone and chat incessantly so powers of description are fading a bit.

Another idea is loosely based on journal writing. I am not exactly aware of details. I gather that in a way Europe has had the culture of keeping journals. No research to support it just based on the movies i have seen. Was it England mostly with the practice of keeping a journal? Was it only the aristocratic populace or everyone in general?

In India, it was not before the rule of East India Company that people started writing journals on a regular basis.

Looking for your most precious insights and feedback on these,


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