Caused perhaps because of the excess of dopamine in  brain. Dopamine triggers the excessive pattern matching. Human ability to listen meaningful messages in meaningless/random noise is also pareidolia.
 Seeing man on the moon or seeing an image of Jesus where there is none are examples of PAREIDOLIA.
The question is:
When do you say that there is an image or a meaningful sound in so-called random patterns?
Is image not dependent on the viewer and sound not dependent on the listener?
What exactly is the criterion based on which you may say that an image, or a sound is really there? If it is solely based on the majority perceiving it to be so, then it seems, it is not a correct one.
Suppose I observe an image of Jesus carved in a wood, which I found in the street. You do not see any image of Jesus in that same wooden block. You call that it is pareidolia with me.
What exactly is the truth in this matter?
Is there an image?(Because I can show it to you by carving it)
There is no image?(Because you cannot see it until I show it to you)
or based on the perceiver, both of the propositions are equally valid?
Is definition of an object being really in existence: Its being perceived by majority or authority?
[That does not seem to be true with the history of Science at least!]

3 thoughts on “PAREIDOLIA

  1. If we left everything up to the majority opinion then many brilliant people would never have created, invented, written or painted the masterpieces that make this life great. If I see a Man in the Moon and you don’t, but I can show you, then you can show others, and so can I. Even if you can’t see it, if it makes me happy, what harm is there in using my imagination?

    The whole idea of the Thought Police from “1984” makes me shudder. Imagination and creativity have not been scientifically explained that I know of. I could be absolutely wrong.

    I know that psychiatrists think that Pareidolia is a mental condition, and in some extreme cases it may be, but most of the time, it is our minds performing pattern recognition on the sights and sounds that we see and hear. If one has a broad base of knowledge and experience, sometimes your imagination can kick into overdrive and Pareidolia occurs, so clouds become dragons and frogs. Especially in a new place, sounds can easily become terrors. Now the guy who saw Jesus on his toast may need help, or not. It all depends on a lot of factors.

    Anyway, I’ve rambled enough. Good post. Was going to give you my 2¢, but then I ended up giving you the whole dollar. Just take it with a grain of salt. I know I do. I am stopping now. M.

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    1. Hahaha, you’re a wonderful intellectual with a dash of humor 🙂 I was expecting such a response from you. I look forward to many more such interactions. I would have much to learn from you. I feel our interactions would be mutually enriching and enlightening too. I like your website and your style. Thanks a lot 🙂 Anand!

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