On The Terrace In The Twilight…

I am on the second floor terrace of my office. It is gloaming. I have just noticed some of my friends playing table tennis in the ground floor hall as I had a coffee. Trees, clouds and cloudlets (violet/grayish and dark in the shades), roads and birds, creepers and grass, chirpings and crickets, plants in the clay pots, solitary benches on the terrace, beehive on the railing and mice in the pantry, some very irregular and very delayed drops of rain water—all are becoming dark, mysterious, foggy and Neptunian. It is a Saturday evening and I am not alone in my ODC hall.
You may ask “ How long does a twilight last?”.
Well, I do not have a good answer. I also wonder why you ask such compelling questions.
You may well ask “ How long does an evening last?”.
Well, even this I cannot answer with ease, but it seems that twilight lasts lesser than an evening and seems to have more beatitude and makes you more joyous than an evening does.
So, you may say “Though, an evening lasts longer than a twilight does, is it right to propose that a twilight makes you more blissful?”.
Well, this you can answer, quite easily, for yourself. It is not the quantity but rather quality which matters.
“What twilight has exactly to do with your body clock?”, You may ask.
Well, this also I cannot answer. Neither I am convinced that twilight makes you most joyous. May be it is dawn for some or may- be it is noon for some(most improbable).It is only because I have read such vivid description of dusk, invoking sheer imagery of mine, in some of the biographies, travel accounts, memoirs, journals that I have made it almost a belief that twilight makes you most happy.
“Anything else? ” You may ask.
Well, they(who?) say: Your sushumna pathway is most likely to be activated at the time of twilight, from it flows, the life force energy ‘chi’, therefore your Chakras are more activated and hence you feel more blissful.
“Well, do you have any scientific evidence to support this mysterious balderdash of yours?”. You may ask.
Well, it has long been a habit of mine, to propound theories, without an ounce of evidence for them. You know, Science is not my cup of tea. Only when I feel that there aren’t very scientific minded interlocutors, I through a tub to the whale.
Truly Lexiphanic,
[ Written around June 19, 2010]

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