Watched Clash of The Titans( New version)  . As I was not well acquainted with Greek mythology it all seemed a bit strange to me. God Zeus sets an example to humans(and in particular to Acrisius) by copulating with Danae in guise of Acrisius. Poseidon lusts after Medusa and this in turn changes a beautiful priestess into a Gorgon. All of the Gods are rulers of the elemental forces and they do not seem to me some models of goodness.

I really fail to grasp this Saturn story. In Vedic Astrology, there are stories which tell that Sun and Saturn are father and son(not because Sun is ‘scientifically father of all other planets but rather because of the ‘myth’). Sun and Saturn are always at loggerheads with each other. It is also suggested, looking at the vedic horoscopes of natives, that if Sun and Saturn are tenanted in a single house, the native has somewhat strained relationships with his father figure(not necessarily the ‘physical’ father).

In August, 2010


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