Nots Yess and Grays!

When do things go wrong?

If there is a right,

There would be a fight,

A plight and a left,

If traces of memories are left,

They attract each other like clouds on an azure sky,

Which are merely specks of dust and water,

But when together they come they cover the Sun, Continue reading “Nots Yess and Grays!”


Your Eyes Are Wise!

Your eyes,

Hold mine,

Gold mines,

Nines vines,

Your eyes,

Hold my gaze,

They’ve another face,

Another phase,

A dark blue haze,

Your ways, Continue reading “Your Eyes Are Wise!”

In You!

Anami the nameless,

You dwell in the well being,

Law of opposites are you,

The conditioner and shampoo,

You program me and I program you,

Taking turns as we revolve around an axis,

The light filling in from our every pore, Continue reading “In You!”

Halcyon Wings!

Statecraft rafter tradecraft after troubadour about genial bouts,

Roundabout ways sways frays and rays hope opiates pirates,

peppered reds dressed eggs gregorian chants gregarious rants,

Stilted liars lilted piers pyres ire pirouette cozy warmth swarm,

Buzzing beatles betel leaves eavesdropping eves swerving wings, Continue reading “Halcyon Wings!”

Melancholic Dishes…

Two poems a day,

And some wordplay,

Would be enough,

To keep me afloat,

On destiny’s boat,

In this ocean,

So I thought…

Now I defer,

Let her decide,

Let’s enjoy this ride,

As long as it’s fun,

Some pun,

A few guns,

An alluring bun,

Enchanting eyes, Continue reading “Melancholic Dishes…”


Olden voices,

Golden dens,

Dance of granules,

So bright,

A light,


Float with me,

On laser beams,

The naked patriarch wearing gold all over,

The smug man with unicorn dreams,

Realms where heres dwell wells of love,

This is the rhythm divine,

This is,

The vintage vine,

Age old saaki,

Distributes it for free,

Dance with me,

Yes, dance with me,

I know you’re a late bloomer,

Mercury waltzs with Saturn in your heart,

Art is not a sober companion,

Dance with me,

This spring ring I’ve worn on my ring finger for long,

Long not for it for it’s here, already yours,

Ours, dance and sing, belong, don’t long,


Philological Philatelist!

I feel a new energy, a new light surging through me today. This might just be exalted Moon in Taurus which is fourth in the bright Lunar month.  I don’t believe in acute causation therefore I merely place things which occur side-by-side. I heartily thank some of my friends who have helped and inspired me in last few months. I write their names in no particular order :

Eli Kyoko

Elice Gracie

Sameera Mansuri


Dabir Dalton

Rulla Alani

Nandita Yata

Ward Clever

Mel Gutier


Imran Ali


I am truly thankful to you all and also to those who shall not be named. I am thankful to all others who have helped this blog survive with their likes, comments, feedback and criticism. Have a beautiful forever my friends.  

Chenille bedspread read spray ray splay play splashes

Dashes ashes shes esplanade plan nada addled adler

Chatushpada pads bhagavata fortunate natation 

Gambol am boulevard leeway waylay lay lala

Maunder under derelict relics lisp meander wonder

Philological philatelist philosophical list sophia

Unfledged zedi eddy dying flail rail rally

Naphtha ophthalmology logical calories

Lullabies bites stylus tiles sleight eighty eight

Ghetto toe aria ria air rhino pink sweat wet eat

Tea eatery terry jerry tom mote motley tome







Landing on the mines!

One star goes out of existence,

Another is born,

Fur Elise,

Elice in the wonderland,

Landing on the mines,

Insides are outsides,

Sidereal zodiac dices rolling cubes of sugar,

Garrisons sons fords dwarfs and wharfs, Continue reading “Landing on the mines!”


Neem tree,



Houses inside houses,

Adjustment bureau,

Red, blue, green, white, orange,

Some removed red and included white,

Others included blue and removed orange,

They parted with spirituality,

Or nationality,

The sign of four like,

Four corners of a paper,

Or four directions,

Four walls of a house,

Masons build,

Clubs, cliques, coteries,

Cults, communities, countries,

With twenty second letter of alphabets,

Bets odds ends crescendos,

Dos and don’ts. 


Healing, Cycles and Pain

Zaza: How does one know one is being healed?

Logos: You would feel at ease– fearless and at peace even when in the chaos as if in a bubble or cube of halcyon white light. There would be love yet pain’s cycles will come as you accepted them previously and healed yourself– the cycles of bliss would also be deeper and you would recognize that the oncoming pain is another such cycle so it would also pass. Now you accept it wholeheartedly and this acceptance takes you even deeper into the pain and then healed light adds into your awareness, consciousness, cloud of light you carry. Thus healing continues. But don’t accept all pain to disappear until you live

Body means pain
Pain would always be there
But it would be in bearable chunks
And bliss would be a constant companion even with pain
 Which would be of nature of peace. Now
Zaza: What about disorders and diseases?
Logos: Thought is the root cause of all diseases in its destructive form. Witnessing your thoughts takes you beyond them in the void and energy trapped in them gets released as healing happens. On the whole it’s akin to a fracture or bruise being healed—though karmically it’s a fracture on humanity or Earth and many vehicles simultaneously share that burden as they contribute into healing. The disorders-genetic or otherwise are inherent in nature’s order. 

Continue reading “Healing, Cycles and Pain”