All The King’s Men!

All The King’s Men reminded me of another great film named All The President’s Men which was made on Watergate scandal. This film has one of the strongest star cast ever–some of the finest actors working together on a story. A few scenes really stood out for me–one in which governor Stark faces off judge Irvin. Two stalwarts facing each other–maybe it’s the only time Sean Penn and Anthony Hopkins have shared a screen together. Some critics have complaint about Hopkins’ accent but to a foreigner like me there’s no great difference and accents mattered much less than performances. Jude Law is a silent witness of this duel with slight inclination towards governer who is his friend. Anthony Hopkins still oozes out charisma and I’ve not seen him many times on-screen after “Silence of the lambs.” What Sean Penn has done in this film is pure magic. His waving of small arms in an odd way is totally adapted to suit the type of character he was playing and though it annoyed me a bit at first–I soon understood why it has such an effect on me–it was a stamp of great acting. I know that he’s a critically acclaimed actor and I’ve not seen many of his films but here he handled the transformation of his character quite well. Continue reading “All The King’s Men!”


A dream

There were bizarre dream sequences– of most extraordinary type and I retained enough to appreciate them. When I woke up by 5:11 AM I was dreaming a dream which was strange. In it, first I was a snake–a big snake and I was wandering among other snakes. I was slightly crooked in the middle part of my body and my appearance wasn’t as supple as that of other snakes. I had a whitish tinge on my skin-I was watching myself as if from a hovering camera–in a film. Then I got bored with side-winding and started flying–I don’t know if I was a bird or a human being because now I was inhabiting the form fully and the perspective had changed– but I was flying much higher than I have ever flown before and I realized that neighbors were witnessing my flight from a great distance. I stopped by a tree and the narrative inside my head said that I was living on leaves of tree for a very long time(maybe a type of austere penance)–which was not enough of nutrition. Continue reading “A dream”

The Girl With All The Gifts!

Review might have spoilers!

The girl with all the gifts(2016) is going to be one of my all time favorites. The film builds the plot up gradually but sustains interest all along. It doesn’t have clichés of your normal zombie apocalypse films and performances are good through and through. It presents a new perspective on the scenario as there is potential of second generation mutants being able to think and live in harmony with normal human beings shown by Melanie–the girl with all the gifts. She(Sennia Nanua) steals the show by all means and she’s definitely the star of the film. The script is fresh and never gets dull. The direction, cinematography and execution are all tight.  Continue reading “The Girl With All The Gifts!”

Slightly relieved

I was cleaning my  bathroom and used acid for stains. This crawling insect was hiding in some place and suddenly came over on my foot when acid was used as it was unable to bear the fumes I suppose– I started avoiding it by sweeping it away from my foot and then it was chasing my feet in the small space of bathroom because it resisted the acid which was killing it rapidly and as I was running in circles there was a chance  I might have slipped and broken a bone or two. This was the very insect I had tried to drive away by throwing water in the last two days and it was a 16-legs-super-persistent-stare-you-in-your-face-type horrid creature like  none I had seen before in my bathroom. Now it died because of the acid and I threw it away. My intention wasn’t to kill it before I applied the acid but then as i saw it dying I felt it was supposed to die like this. I felt slightly guilty. Continue reading “Slightly relieved”

The Story of The Last Awakening-One!

I thank Kuan Yin, Saint Rajinder Singh Ji, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Master Padmasambhava, Jesus, Buddha and all spiritual friends for making me able to remember and empowering me to write down for healing of all. I hope this inspires you on your awakening journey. Thank you!


When I met this beautiful soul in 2005 in college I had merely heard about the term ‘consciousness expansion’ and I was going through the first Dark Night of Soul which was truly dark and intense and my loving relationship with parents had dissolved in a blow of awakening. I lost faith in all relations and used to scribble all my thoughts and feelings for many hours everyday to heal myself and to increase my intelligence. This beautiful soul had many spiritual books and seemed to have all the answers for my spiritual questions. As I sat with him in his room and kept smiling at his wisdom and intelligence–the joy of having met someone who was truly beautiful flooded my soul. I asked him what he thought about me and he told he hadn’t seen such intense desire to wake up in anyone before. He told me that when he saw me first time in college notions like ‘a soul in sorrow’ and ‘an escapist’ came to his mind. He belonged to an exalted spiritual lineage which I immediately appreciated and yet he had also seen bouts of poverty before becoming stabilized. At that time he was going through healing as he had felt deserted in a romantic relation–he used to see flames in air. He was very sentimental and misunderstood me because of intense velocity with which his bandwidth was open. I saw book ‘Power of Now’ in his collection and asked to borrow and he gladly gave me the book. Before this book ‘The Einstein Factor’ proved to be pivotal in my awakening–I had bought it when I went to take an exam in 2002 in Bhopal–which was a big city–the book just attracted to me an d promised increase in intelligence. Since I had spent a lot of money on it my father rebuked me at home and I had to cry. This was a major theme. I had to cry a lot for reading Osho’s books which my parents were going to burn and which awakened me to futility of relations I had. All the books which made me cry awakened me. Continue reading “The Story of The Last Awakening-One!”

Pitch Darkness, Translucency and Light!

Many years ago when I was in college listening to logos or holy spirit inside my body with complete concentration and sometimes witnessing it resulted in deep ecstatic bliss. It was like complete unraveling of heart center at that time. Everything seemed beautiful and there was no time. I used to tune to inner word with determination for three hours and for the rest of the time I used to witness all that was going on in my mind and around me moment-to-moment. That period of six months was so beautiful that it created no Karma and burnt a lot of what was previously there but clearly tenth gate the eye center wasn’t clearly open yet so once again I entered into third dimensional concerns of job, friends, romance and so on. I gave the practice up though witnessing kept happening as I used to intensely focus on I AM as suggested by Nisargadatta Maharaj. I developed deep love for all beings and heart kept flowering with impediments being presented to me in outer. It was a defining period because I had myriads of deja-vus at that time which meant it was a defining time because inside you the source has essence of all experiences and if you deeply get in touch with soul you will get many deja-vus and visions. Continue reading “Pitch Darkness, Translucency and Light!”

Magic Inside Family!

The fifth dimensional awareness struck me like a thunderbolt all of a sudden and more so because of my recklessness, blind trusting, vulnerability and above all because of the way awakening happens for you at every stage especially if you are not under the tutelage of a live master or don’t belong to a group which practices spiritual discipline. Let it be made clear that physically I am still under the roof where it all transpired but as moment-to-moment infinite portals, dimensions and relative realities are intermingling it is evident to realize that it’s a new world and new home. I am still living with same parents and siblings as far as identities are concerned and I do hope to be on my own when things inside me and outside me settle a bit.  Continue reading “Magic Inside Family!”

Psychonaut in a Public Mystery school

I watched a Youtube video which suggested that Greek mythology called earth Gaia–a living organism. The idea that entire existence including all matter is living consciousness is very near to reality. I found resonance with the idea that earth is actually a vessel of light ascending into the fifth dimension from the viewpoint of all of us who are ascending from third-fourth to the fifth dimension. Treating Gaia as a living spaceship makes us both astronauts and psychonauts. The latter term has been taken from The Tibetan Book of The Dead. I perceived Gaia’s space curvature first in 2012 when under the influence of a substance. It clearly seemed I was in the space on a curved earth. Now as 2016 and dark night of soul started I constantly found solace in the idea of being on a spaceship or in a lab which was a simulation of my previous environments. The idea indeed came from Science-fiction films I had watched before still its resonance was strikingly brilliant and comforting now. People around me, my family members, neighbors, animals, birds and even remote ambulances seemed simulated. They all had an air of unreality about them and they were all extremely fluid and deeply associated with my feelings, thoughts and perceptions. Continue reading “Psychonaut in a Public Mystery school”

Through Darkness Towards Light

These are extraordinary times. I never ever felt like it was truly radical a shift in my surroundings and environment before. Now there is an unmistakable shift happening into a more spiritual dimension which is full of love, light, peace, intelligence, beauty, compassion and understanding. Darkness is most grim before the dawn of bliss, therefore as old patterns are breaking away and things which no longer serve our greater good are melting away we are feeling up and down every day and every hour of the day. To be stable to practice what needs be practiced is wise and to understand that basics don’t change as far as spiritual values are concerned is wisdom. If you need more power, more love and more compassion ask your inner self and it will be given.

This is a time of awakening as well as integration. Awakening is limitless so you might want to inculcate certain behavior patterns which are in accordance with flow and which lead you towards highest love and intelligence. Integration means being a whole as your physical, mental and spiritual bodies are aligned well with your environment and with entirety of universe, multiverse, cosmos and absolute. Continue reading “Through Darkness Towards Light”

Mystery schools: Traversing through realms!

I pay homage to Kuan Yin, Padmasambhava, Nisargadatta, Ramana, St. Rajinder Singh Ji, Jesus, Yogananda,  Buddha and all my spiritual friends for having made me capable of recalling and writing down these. May these help all spiritual seekers and heal all beings!

I never systematically practiced Yoga unless you consider whole life a school of Yoga where my yearning to be liberated grew day by day. It was supposed to be gleaning wisdom from books, friends, videos, angels and life. I had read about mystery schools but never imagined participating in one until now. This story might take many posts and I am sharing with hope that it would help some of you, entertain you and might make you my friend on path of light if you feel it resonates with you in some senses. Continue reading “Mystery schools: Traversing through realms!”