All Sundry and Water-balloons!

I’ve heard word Vim for a long time without ever being curious to know its meaning. The reason is its being used by a company which manufactures bars to clean kitchen-wares. I thought it might be just a fancy word without any meaning and etymologist in me didn’t get triggered even once-obviously I’ve not heard the phrase vim and vigor either.

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Vim is an odd-looking word, but it stands for a simple concept: being ready for activity, especially vigorous activity. Someone who is always playing sports or going on trips is full of vim. Someone who lies on the couch watching TV all day shows very little vim. This word often appears in the phrase “vim and vigor.” If you have vim, you have energy and you’re ready to put that energy into all sorts of activities; you’re up for anything.

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Some Interesting Eponyms!

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Nicotine is most commonly known for occurring in tobacco, and therefore in cigarettes. In small amounts, nicotine is a stimulant, although in larger quantities it’s considered a poison and is even used in many insecticides. The earliest French root of the word was nicotiane, which comes from the Modern Latin botanical term for the tobacco plant, Nicotiana, named for Jean Nicot, the French ambassador who first brought tobacco from Brazil to France in 1561.Chauvinism means the belief that your country is superior to all others. Continue reading “Some Interesting Eponyms!”

Horoscope of Fidel Castro!

The longest-serving non-royal head of state in the 20th and 21st centuries, Castro polarized world opinion. His supporters view him as a champion of socialism and anti-imperialism whose revolutionary regime advanced economic and social justice while securing Cuba’s independence from American imperialism. Critics view him as a dictator whose administration oversaw human-rights abusesthe exodus of a large number of Cubans and the impoverishment of the country’s economy. Castro was decorated with various international awards and significantly influenced various individuals and groups across the world.


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Harry, Jaunty, Laze, Patois and Echelon


J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter is a very popular character and I didn’t know if Harry meant anything. It has been my hobby to ask meaning of names and it made some people uncomfortable at times because they didn’t really have any clue about theirs. I feel there are Hindi words Hairanee which means wonder and is used with Pareshaani which means trouble. Hairat is another word for surprise–I feel these words might be related to Harry.  Continue reading “Harry, Jaunty, Laze, Patois and Echelon”

Horoscope of B. R. Ambedkar

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar is considered the father of Indian constitution because he was the chairman of the committee which created constitution of India. In a poll conducted by History TV and CNN-IBN which excluded Gandhi he was voted  The Greatest Indian. Continue reading “Horoscope of B. R. Ambedkar”

The bottom line is sleeper in a stable!

Bottom Line

I’ve heard this phrase so often in conversation, perhaps used it myself, to know how it originated is interesting.

Originally, the bottom line of an audit said whether you were making money, losing money, or breaking even. It was the most important part. From there, this became a figure of speech for the most important part of anything. If someone is talking a long time explaining something, you might ask “What’s the bottom line?” That’s asking them to get to the point. The bottom line of a speech is the main argument or central idea. Bottom lines are important.

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Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump?

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EMI is short for Easy Monthly Installments–a widely popular term for loan repayment in Indian markets. The word Amortization is related to mortgage because both have same root ‘mort.’


Amortization means a debt is being paid off by a series of payments. An amortization schedule for your car loan will show exactly how much you owe and how long it’ll take to pay it.

Amortization is fancy way to describe a payment plan: you gradually pay off a specific amount by making small payments according to a set schedule. Amortization takes place over a specific period of time. The root of amortization can be traced to the Middle English word amortisen, meaning “to kill.” In this case, it’s a debt that’s being killed off — slowly, over time. The word is often applied to car or home loans.

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Competition by day constipation by night!

Throughout my boyhood I had weak digestion and I suffered from constipation which used to give me creepy pain. It happened again and though there was no surprise I hadn’t expected it to be so ‘deadly.’ I’ve been taking liberty in eating seventy grams of Maggie noodles as breakfast everyday which is deep-fried and made from Maida flourMaida is very refined grains of wheat thus they are sticky and unless you have a very good digestion(which I clearly don’t) it sticks to intestine and doesn’t get cleared when you have regular motions(so irregular motions are needed time-to-time!). I felt as if my intestines were really getting rotten as the excreta was leaving my body after much effort. I had breathing trouble twice within last month and it was considered to be because of constipation as I was consuming Maggie. Continue reading “Competition by day constipation by night!”

Horoscope of Fyodor Dostoevsky

Name: Fyodor Dostoevsky
Date of Birth: Tuesday, October 30, 1821
Time of Birth: 09:47:00
Place of Birth: Moscow
Longitude: 37 E 35
Latitude: 55 N 45
Time Zone: 3.0
Information Source: Web
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Dostoevsky is regarded as one of the greatest authors of all times and greatest explorer of psyche through his works. His works created foundation of existentialism.
Let’s briefly examine his birth chart here:

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Jodhpurs, Hokey and Wadi

spelled Jodhpur is the name of a city in Indian state of Rajasthan

Jodhpurs were originally loose and baggy around the hips and thighs, inspired by the Indian trousers called the churidar, or churidar pyjamas. Stretchy modern fabrics have resulted in tighter-fitting jodhpurs, often reinforced inside the knee and thigh. These pants are named after the Rajasthani Indian city of Jodhpur.

Note: Churidar are a type of Indian trousers but the word Churi/Chudi/Choodee is actually used for circular bangles of glass worn on wrists by ladies here–so maybe it stands for anything in that shape–dar suffix merely means ‘of that type or shape.’  Continue reading “Jodhpurs, Hokey and Wadi”