Plasma: The fourth state of matter-which is neither liquid, nor gas or solid. 

The fourth state of consciousness–Turiya is neither waking, nor sleep or dream.

Christopher Nolan touched his peak with Memento very early in my opinion and then everything went downhill from there. Many years ago I wrote a post appreciating Nolan and Lynch on my Blogger blog and now sadly I’m not entranced by either of them. Interstellar was a downer for me despite all hype and publicity about singularity et al. But I feel public opinion hasn’t been as divided on any of his movies as on Dunkirk. A visit to IMDb will reveal in no time that some reviewers have given it more than 8 points, oh I must correct myself–majority of them for it has received a rating above 8–but rest of them have severely criticized it.  Continue reading “Dunkirk(2017)”


Zuzu and Zozo

Zuzu: Dear master, I am going gaga over the pithy call received today from the Galactic Core, connotation of which goes way over my head.  

Master Logos: Galactic core is well-aligned with our Sun at present. Cosmic central Sun, Galactic Sun and Solar Sun are all in sync, therefore an open heart is bound to create an overflow of information which is pristine at this point in time. Gandanta Mula phase will last a few more days, then sing old seasonal songs as you usually do.

Zuzu: I observed that Zozo wanted to work with me again, having made accommodations for my idiosyncrasies this time around. He sang last season:

“You thought you’d be bored, I’ve you floored!” Continue reading “Zuzu and Zozo”

Play Possum!

In my early childhood days I used to come across some crawling insects with multiple tiny legs(not earth worms–we called them ‘pataar’ in Hindi)–not caterpillars exactly but similar to them and innocuous in nature. Their most interesting trait was-quickly getting transformed into a coin-sized round shape–as if a coil has been wind-up in a circular shape neatly. You might have even enjoyed played throw-and-catch with other children and they wouldn’t budge-pretending to be dead–interesting isn’t it?

I immediately recalled their playing possum as this phrase came before me. Many animals pretend to be dead to protect themselves against potential threats for variety of reasons. Some predators don’t eat dead animals, in some other cases, preys like mouse are merely waiting for predators to become slack so that they may sneak away! I used to hear advice to play possum if I ever encounter bears but thankfully it never happened and bears are really more gruesome than painted in children stories when observed closely. In recent Academy award-winning Revenant(Leo did it finally!) I had my hairs standing on end as I observed the bear–excellent work! Anyway, back to the phrase–interestingly ‘possum’ is a nocturnal arboreal marsupial in South America–how did it start to adorn this August phrase? It’s not clear but my guess would be its being lazy like Panda or other hibernal animals. 


Empathy is the ability to understand and appreciate how others feel, especially when they feel distressed and it’s an integral part of being compassionate. Empathetic is someone showing empathy and it’s synonymous to empathic which has a very slightly different way of being spelt. Pathetic on the other hand is someone in a wretched condition-deserving pity. 

All these words are based on Greek root Pathos which means ‘feeling.’ But as a stand-alone English word Pathos means a distinct quality which can evoke feelings–if you’ve pathos you’ve poignancy, you can invoke feelings inside others. Pathological, another related word directly taken from Greek, means study of diseases or related to diseases–in the second sense it takes a negative connotation and unlike first sense which is merely a type of study it starts indicating something gone wrong–in which case ‘pathos’ takes a connotation to mean ‘suffering’ or negative feelings instead of meaning feelings in general–but even in case of words empathy, empathic and empathetic the negative meaning of root is being used–you must be able to understand when someone is suffering in order to be called ’empathic’ otherwise you might be suffering from a pathological condition known as psychopathy or you might be called a sociopath–reluctant to interact with people and might even be a misanthrope–having a disgust towards human relations!

Teeter Riddle


To teeter is to sway, to move unsteadily, the word reminds me of a small riddle I recited as a toddler:

Teetar ke do aage teetar,

Teetar ke do peecche teetar,

Bolo bolo kitne teetar?

Teetar in Hindi is a bird, maybe a chic if I recall well from the picture in the book. The riddler says: there are two birds in-front of a bird and there are two birds behind it–how many are there in total? The trick is in the way pointer word ‘teetar’ is shifted in the riddle: Continue reading “Teeter Riddle”

What Is In A Name?-2


Plants with sword-shaped leaves and erect stalks bearing bright-colored flowers composed of three petals and three drooping sepals. It was name of one of the moderators on an online forum I used to frequent. 


In my school roll call we had four students with this name and one of them was a good friend. Once my class-teacher started writing my name with spelling ‘Aanand’ I got first roll number-a precedence over all those guys. In my college years I had 007 as my roll number. Abhishek means celebrating and marking auspiciously with vermilion or some other colors especially on forehead as a sign of good fortune. It’s a fairly common name in North Indian families. Continue reading “What Is In A Name?-2”

Artful Warlock

Artful people are full of art, but not artistic. They’re full of art which cons you as they’re con-artists. It’s congruous with the way Hindi word Kalakaar(Artist) is used in day-to-day conversations at times. When people talk about a dark side of someone they might say ‘He’s a big Kalaakaar’ which doesn’t mean that person being talked about is actually an artist but rather that he’s a clever person skillful in deceiving others or getting his way through.

Toupee is an interesting word because it is used in Hindi as Topi and means skullcap. Caps like Jewish Yarmulke or Gandhian caps are called Topi in Hindi and it might be directly related to English Toupee which is a wig used to cover bald patches on head.

Chutney is a word directly taken from Hindi into English and Sanskrit root Cat which stands for taste buds is also responsible for Indian dishes known as Chaats which are preparations of various vegetables mixed with seasonings and condiments. Chatora is a word for someone with gluttony–who has no control on his tongue(taste buds.)

Warlock is another interesting term for male counterpart of Witch. Witchcraft is among those streams which take their name after female practitioners and before today I didn’t know that Warlock is a term for male witches. I thought wizard was the term but a Wizard is actually overseeing term which includes warlock and witch both I suppose.  

Chop wood, carry water!

“Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”

Zen quote.

He took extraordinarily long time to cross the road as blazing lights of vehicles passing from both sides kept him stuck. Twilight was getting deeper and Sankirtana could be heard in the nearby Hanuman temple. Another year has passed. It seemed like a peaceful year–a year in seclusion, without any controversies, skirmishes, melodramas or untoward accidents. It was a year of healing. It was last year’s damage which had to be settled this year. After getting convinced of superiority of his spiritual enlightenment he wanted to test his mettle–the Sahaja–he experimented with drugs–thrice everyday for three whole months–before which a void was consuming him. The experiment didn’t really go well. Though it was after four years and he had matured, still, what was a fact regarding physiology was a fact even now. He had severe hallucinations, delusions and pangs of suffering. He felt presence of aliens, demons, gods and couldn’t sleep for many days. It was both heaven and hell as he kept dying many deaths and rediscovered evolutionary momentum after grappling with traumatic events which had asundered his head.  Continue reading “Chop wood, carry water!”

Dependent Arising!

Darshan or ‘proper seeing’ is the word for Philosophy in Sanskrit/Hindi. All masters, including those in Buddhism have emphasized importance of Samyaka Darshana or proper viewing. It imparts right knowledge about inherent hollowness of all things including that of mind and knowledge(even ‘proper seeing’ is hollow-empty)

Simply speaking everything is dependent on everything else and nothing becomes possible until entirety of cosmos makes it so. Even a single minuscule factor missing from an equation makes it impossible to be exactly the same. The supreme deluder Time plays a trick on everyone by making them think they’re the doers. When you feel elated because of a sense of achievement after a desire has been fulfilled it is merely a deception created by ego. Similarly when you feel dejected because a desire has been denied by the existence it’s another deception with a dark color.  Continue reading “Dependent Arising!”


It’s strange how some things start only as a way to while your time away, as a fling but end up defining your existence. It’s a struggle between being and becoming. God and Satan, positive and negative define each other. God can’t exist without Satan as positive can’t exist without negative. Existence is duality. Do you ever wonder that it’s your rivals, enemies and difficulties which shape your character and have a final say on how you define yourself. Your existence is nothing without contrasts for there is a void which can’t be filled. Among enemies best are those who were once friends because they know you in-and-out, so their attacks can’t be thwarted easily and you’ve to up your game for the game you must play until arch-nemesis Chronos lets you leave.