pariah is someone that has been soundly rejected by their community. Your constant gossiping might make you a pariah on campus.

Pariah takes its name from a tribe in Southeast India. The pariahs were drummers, sorcerers, and servants who became untouchables in Indian society because of the unsanitary jobs they did. Pariah maintains this sense of untouchableness. Pariahs are not just unliked, they are avoided at all costs. Imagine how a once popular restaurant could gain pariah status if it fails health inspections three times in a row.

Even before looking at illustration I felt it had striking similarity with the Hindi word ‘Paraya’ and they both have similar meaning. Apart from the illustration I feel the word is mostly used in the phrase Apna aur Paraya in Hindi where Apna means ours(as in belonging to our kins, society or country) and Paraya means belonging to others(other countries, societies, families and groups). Paraya became Pariah in South India before being adopted into English. Paraya might have come into Hindi/Tamil and other languages from Sanskrit root ‘para’ which means ‘beyond’–the word is also used for type of sound and other phenomena which is so subtle as to be beyond the ken of materialistic people and this realm. (Para-Pashyanti-Madhyama-Vaikhari are four categorizations of sounds in traditional Hindu scriptures-para being subtlest root sounds–Logos.) Parampara–the word for tradition in Hindi means customs which have great depth for they’ve been observed since very long time. Parantu is another interjection meaning ‘but'(kintu/parantu) because interlocutor wants to insert a cause which speaker had not seen(para-beyond).

Paramatma is absolute soul–param is a related prefix which means absolute–it’s farthest from the surface. Similarly ‘Pari’ prefix is used in the sense of periphery as in parinati, paripaati and parivrajya.



Kids who fall and skin their knees know what a scab is: it’s the crusty patch of skin that forms when a scrape or cut is healing.

A wound will form a scab as it heals, whether it’s a cut or a burn. Skin has an amazing ability to repair itself, and a scab is evidence of this. Another kind of scab altogether is a slang term for someone who crosses a picket line during a strike, choosing to work instead of joining coworkers in protesting low wages or harsh treatment by an employer. This kind of scab first meant “unpleasant person” in the late 1500’s.

When it’s a natural scab it’s a pleasant sign-it relieves us because nature’s healing is helping us recover fast from the injury. I used to see scabs frequently when I was young and used to  play outdoors a lot but as I grew up they became lesser and lesser in frequency-and maybe some psychic equivalent of scab took their place.

Sight of human scab is an unpleasant one because he’s a traitor. Strikebreaker is another name for such a person–this person joins the authorities or employers and deserts his fellow workers. Comparing these two shades of the meaning of this word amused me -one saves you from suffering and pain and other gives you pain(saves the other party from pain!) If strikebreaker is used for the natural layer on skin it kind of suits it well too-since it breaks the harmful strike of fate in a way. How the meaning of this word took second shade remains an interesting mystery.

Horoscope of Anthony Hopkins!

Sir Anthony Hopkins has been one of my favorite actors since I first watched him do Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of The Lambs. I was in college then and I recognized his charisma along with his skills in fine arts instantly. Since then, he never disappointed me in any of the films he performed in. There are many great actors and then there are a few who exude charisma–like Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson and Anthony Hopkins. He’s also known for his profound memory with which he dazzled the crew of Amistad(along with director Steven Spielberg) by reciting a long seven page speech in a scene in just one take without stopping at once. Research on charismatic people indicates memory playing a role–charismatic people have profound and sometimes photographic memories. In my astrological studies I’ve observed conglomeration of many planets in a few signs resulting in Charisma in many cases-be it Einstein, Hitler, Anthony Hopkins or Osho. Let’s briefly examine this chart here: Continue reading “Horoscope of Anthony Hopkins!”


Ravel is an interesting verb, in that it can mean both “tangle” and “untangle.” So if you work to ravel yarn into a neat ball, your cat may come along and try to ravel it again.

The first syllable in ravel is accented and gets the short a sound, as in apple: “RA-vle” How can a word mean both one thing and its opposite? In the case of ravel, the answer is sewing: As threads come unwoven from a cloth, they become tangled on each other. Since untangling is never far from tangling, ravel covers both meanings.

I’ve seen ‘unravel’ being used more than ravel–maybe it has more currency or maybe it’s just me-thankfully it means to ‘untangle’ which is a meaning of ‘ravel’ therefore unravel can be an antonym of ravel as well as a synonym.

Biweekly and Biennial

English Grammarians must have been crazy because there are no uniformly consistent patterns to be found in the language. Take for example simple usage of prix ‘bi’ in biannual and biweekly. In case of biweekly it means ‘occurring twice every week'(semiweekly) as long as you’re outside world of magazines but once you’re inside it it starts meaning ‘occurring once every two weeks'(perhaps akin to ‘fortnightly’)

In case of biannual it means ‘occurring twice every year.’ The word for something happening once every two years is ‘biennial.’ Confusing, isn’t it? If parts don’t make sense the whole can’t make sense either-what is true about Grammar is also true about existential Grammar it seems.

Manticore versus Griffin

Watch out for the manticore — the name comes from the Persian word for “man-eater!” A manticore is a mythical creature with a man’s head, a lion’s body, and a scorpion’s tail. And teeth. Lots of teeth.

The manticore is a fearsome half-beast half-human, with sharp quills like a porcupine. Fortunately, you’re not likely to see a manticore anywhere outside a dream or mythology book, because it’s a made-up monster. There are many such creatures in mythology, like a griffin that has a lion’s head and eagle wings, or an Egyptian sphinx with a human head and a lion’s body. But if you see a toothy, man-headed, lion-bodied guy with a sharp tail, it’s a manticore.

If your little brother wants a pet griffin, you should probably try to talk him out of it. A griffin is a flying, eagle-headed lion with sharp talons. (Luckily for you, griffinsaren’t real.)

The mythical griffin — also spelled gryphon or griffon — dates as far back as 3000 BCE. Some griffins have the front talons of an eagle, like the griffins that appear on shields or coats-of-arms — they were often used this way, since the combination of lion and eagle was seen as being especially brave and strong. Griffins appear in literature ranging from Rumi’s ancient Persian poetry to the Harry Potter books. The word’s Greek root is gryps, “curved.”

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Manticore versus Griffin looks a lot like alien versus predator–a movie name I heard a lot but never cared to watch. Most words beginning with M have sinister connotations especially those with ‘mal’ prefix. ‘M’ is destructive and in the Hindu trinity of AUM–creator, preserver and destroyer–M stands for destroyer–Shiva–but nothing new can be created without destroying the old so it’s dissolution or reshaping or creating new versions of programs Shiva actually does.

Range of similars and opposites

All opposites operate in an environment or a range as do all relatives. For example-the antonym of word ‘vociferate’ is ‘whisper’ because one means to speak loudly and the other means to speak in such a volume as to be barely audible–here, both operate in a range of ‘speech’–some sound is being created. I’ve often wondered why ‘silence’ can’t be opposite of ‘vociferate’–the reason is that range doesn’t match. Silence falls in a range where no sound is being created-thus becoming opposite to all types of speeches and it’s generalized opposition of speech. Vociferate means a specific way of sound creation and its opposition has to be found in the same range–sound creation–so whispering becomes its appropriate antonym. Same is true for human relations–all oppositions exist at similar frequency as do all relations–that’s the very cause by which people who’re friends become enemies and more often than not you find that hatred of closest relatives is highest. Detachment means dropping out of society–it’s not opposite of friendship or enmity–it’s a totally different range. If you carefully study texts–you find that synonyms are often used adjacent to each other in most lines–even by prominent authors–it has become kind of custom–so if you don’t know meaning of some words–some other words nearby them might help you out and almost always context helps you find out the meaning. Similarly, if you’re unable to find your frequency of vibration or level of being look at your context–you can’t really be too different from those around you. To take an example–if you complain about people around you being ‘selfish’ or ‘betrayers’ there must exist in you to a great extent the same qualities which you might not have recognized to the full or which might not have come into the fruition as yet.   Continue reading “Range of similars and opposites”


Language develops and works in mysterious ways, as mysterious as God, Karma or life. Now this word is a negation of an already negative term. Controversial means something which causes disagreement–so this word means something agreeable–which won’t cause disagreement–it’s kind of redundant except in certain circumstances when you’re weighing certain issues and one looks better than the other–not likely to cause friction–there this term might be used.

The Shrine(2010)


This film stands out for being fresh with elements of mystery, intrigue and horror. Fog has always attracted me-be it in real life or onscreen. The gore and expressions are really creepy here but production seems to be of somewhat low quality which makes it seem like a really good episode of a TV series instead of being a film-budget issues . I’ve watched many horror films in last few years and this one is really better than most because of substantial story and plot which has twists at right intervals. I kept pressing upon my memory to recall the name of the male protagonist whom I thought I had seen somewhere–and then in a scene it clicked–I was watching none other than much celebrated serial killer fame Dexter–Aaron Ashmore–I had forgotten the name by now but face stood out–he has a very limited range of expressions-can’t complain. The possession of girl in the end frightens you and it has a great range of demonic expressions which are absent from the most of the rest of the movie.

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Madam Curie’s Birth Chart!


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Capricorn arises at about 15 degrees in the eastern horizon which makes lagna fairly strong and it’s also fully aspected by Saturn-the lord of lagna and partially by Venus, Mercury and Mars. There is a powerful stellium in the sign Scorpio in eleventh house and Mars being lord of the house joins in the stellium. Such concentration of planetary energies indicates a great dedication towards esoteric studies and since it’s in the house of communities it furthers the cause of scientific studies worldwide. Moreover since this stellium forms in the tenth house from Moon, which is the highest public visibility house, she is one of the greatest scientists ever and one with a Nobel prize dyad-a rare one indeed. Mars occupying its own sign in a kendra from Moon suggests Ruchaka Yoga which makes her a great personality. In horoscope of Einstein we see such a stellium in the tenth house from lagna which occurs in the watery Pisces dual sign. Here we find it in the fixed water sign which is great for esoteric, occult, healing and profound studies. Madam curie was a champion and debilitated Sun attains cancellation of debility–granting him great public honor.  Continue reading “Madam Curie’s Birth Chart!”