Play of Three Modes of Energy!

Desires fulfilled breed more desires. There’s a story of a monster called Raktabeeja–in a divine war this monster was almost unconquerable. The moment someone spilled its blood it used to recreate a thousand more similar to the original. Then the great illusory potency Mahamaya of God created a form Kaali which is the fierce demoniacal form of mother goddess. This destructive form is also known as Nritti. Nritti slayed the demon of desires and yet its anger is so fierce that entire universe was being destroyed–then Shiva comes to the rescue of the world and lies down in the battle field. The mother steps on Shiva but realizing him to be her master sticks her tongue out.    Continue reading “Play of Three Modes of Energy!”

Guru and Disciple!

The Truth is simple–you’re the supreme soul of universe–the limitless ocean of being. The reality hits you hard when you come in contact with it. The analogy of one candle igniting another and that one igniting another ad-infinitum is apt. The reality is–there are no separate people apart from your Self—the darkness in your universe is because of lack of your attention to those regions. Your attitude is the fact. Whenever you feel negative  about anything–first adjust your attitude and accept it–soon you will find it becoming a positive experience.  Continue reading “Guru and Disciple!”

Sahaja Samadhi And Burning Of Karma!

The natural state burns away all Karma. Nirvikalpa Samadhi also burns Karma but unless you reach Sahaja–the spontaneous and easy living in day to day life–living without desires and fear–you can’t burn away all reactions. You come out of all exalted states which aren’t Sahaja and then everyday worries and fears catch hold of you. When the natural state dawns–the deletion of reactions becomes rapid and ultimately immediate in such a way that everyday life sinks below consciousness–i. e. you don’t get too concerned with mind stuff–in fact it becomes mostly difficult to bring about thoughts but all situations which need response are dealt with intelligence. Since reactions are created in being active before awakening–non-doing is needed for gaining renegade state–thereafter non doing becomes spontaneous and no matter what you do you do nothing and nothing ever goes WRONG!

Liberation is freedom from wrong ideas about oneself–because world is merely a reflection of it. When there is no fear or desire left and you consider yourself the world–you are accepted and you accept everything–flowing with life at ease. Easy is right and right is spontaneous. The noble virtue of non-doing burns away all reactions giving the ability to meet situations head-on.

Melodies From The Golden Era of Music in Bollywood!


अजीब दास्तान है ये, कहाँ शुरू कहाँ ख़तम
ये मंज़िलें हैं कौनसी, न वो समझ सके न हम

ये रोशनी के साथ क्यों, धुआँ उठाचिराग से
ये ख्वाब देखती हूँ मैं के जाग पड़ी हूँ ख्वाब से

मुबारक तुम्हे के तुम किसी के नूर हो गये
किसी के इतने पास हो के सब से दूर हो गये!

किसी का प्यार लेके तुम नया जहाँ बसाओगे
ये शाम जब भी आएगी, तुम हमको याद आओगे

Youtube Link For The Song Continue reading “Melodies From The Golden Era of Music in Bollywood!”

Melodies From Bollywood Music’s Golden Era!

Movie: Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi (1958)
Singer: Ashok Kumar, Kishore Kumar, Manna Dey
Music Director: Sachin Dev Burman

Lyrics by : Majrooh Sultanpuri

Youtube Link

This playful song is kind of title song for this film. I shared another comedy song from this film the other day–this one is more about exuberant life. Kishor Kumar’s playful yodeling and naughty yelling marks this song as well. Manna Dey’s interludes make it very enjoyable. Their pithy sayings are very beautiful and enjoyable. The Gaadi(Motorcar) is called so though it moves–the play on word Gaadi(which actually means something embedded inside a surface or merged into the earth) has been stressed. Continue reading “Melodies From Bollywood Music’s Golden Era!”

Death and Rebirth!

You die every moment to be reborn,

The threads of memory are sewn into a rag,

Which seems like a continuous persona,

The threads are hollow and so is the rag which you carry around shoulders,

The real you is born every moment and Now is its mantra,

There is no tantra vaster than that of memories, fears, worries and expectations,

If you clasp the rock-solid reality it slips through, Continue reading “Death and Rebirth!”


Who thinks himself separate from the world,

Let him help the world,

Projecting a question, and an answer,

You play with yourself,

The only thing worth knowing is this: Continue reading “Reality!”


Absolute is neither conscious nor unconscious because it’s beyond consciousness. It’s homogeneous, continuous and without any gaps or divisions of any kind. Words don’t reach it neither imagination does. It’s consciousness in which imagination creates various names and universes. Time and space are both creators and destroyers of perception and perception is creator of both time and space though perception can’t destroy time and space.

From the viewpoint of consciousness variations and discontinuity can’t exist without time and space. Time is change and change is time. Time’s passage is not independent of thoughts and thoughts aren’t independent of time. Time and thoughts come into existence together and disappear together. There is no possibility of infinite pleasure because consciousness is consciousness of change. Time doesn’t allow infinite pleasure or pain. Consciousness is also impermanent because awareness is not describable–it’s not a concept. It’s dark and mysterious as far as consciousness trapped in mind forms is concerned but Truth is that it alone is and thought forms don’t exist. That which has a beginning has an end and is therefore hollow.

Melodies From The Golden ERA of Bollywood Music!

Link for song: Youtube

Movie/Album: Pakeezah

Release: 1972

Music Director: Ghulam Mohammed

Lyrics: Kaifi Azmi

Singers: Lata Mangeshkar


I met someone casually strolling on my way,

My night stopped then and there and isn’t moving anymore,

That which I couldn’t say, people are saying,

Though I tried to ward it off and forget,

My story has become a fairy tale by now,


This night of waiting would pass away in the end,

These lamps are also dying along with me after having burnt for so long…

This song as compared to the last one has very few beautiful words in lyrics by Kaifi Azmi but its beauty and rhythm is remarkable. Lata Mangeshkar’s playback singing and Meena Kumari’s saturnine and sentimental act along with the train’s whistle in the end make this song a memorable one.

Lyrics in Hindi

चलते चलते,
यूँही कोई मिल गया था, सरे राह चलते चलते
वही थम के रह गयी हैं, मेरी रात ढलते ढलते

जो कही गयी ना मुझ से, वो ज़माना कह रहा हैं
के फ़साना बन गयी है, मेरी बात टलते टलते

शब-ए-इंतज़ार आखिर, कभी होगी मुक्तसर भी
ये चिराग बुझ रहे है, मेरे साथ जलते जलते...

Lyrics and Image: TheSongPedia

Bollywood Melodies–Paanch Rupaiyya Barah Aanna!

Lyrics in Hindi
मैं सितारों का तराना, मैं बहारों का फ़साना

लेके इक अंगड़ाई मुझ पे डाल  नज़र बन जा दीवाना

रूप का तुम हो खज़ाना, तुम हो मेरी जान ये माना

लेकिन पहले दे दो मेरा पांच रुपैया बारह आना

पांच रुपैया बारह आना, बारह आना आ आ आ

मारेगा भैया न न न ना आ आ अ

माल ज़ार भूल कर, दिल जिगर,  हमसे निशानी मांगों न

दिलरुबा क्या कहा, दिल जिगर हमसे जवानी मांगों ना

तेरे लिए मज़नू  बन सकता हूँ , लैला लैला कर सकता हूँ

चाहे नमूना देख लो–हाय

खून-ए-दिल पीने को और लख़्ते जिगर खाने को

ये ग़िज़ा मिलती है लैला -२

तेरे दीवाने को-२

ओ हो हो जोश-ए-उल्फत का ज़माना, लागे है कैसा सुहाना

लेके इक अंगड़ाई मुझ पे डाल  नज़र बन जा दीवाना

मानता हूँ है सुहाना, जोश-ए-उल्फत का ज़माना,

लेकिन पहले दे दो मेरा पांच रुपैया बारह आना

पांच रुपैया बारह आना, बारह आना आ आ आ

मारेगा भैया न न न ना आ आ अ

गम भुला, साज़ उठा, राग मेरे रूप के तू गाये जा

ऐ दिलरुबा हाय दिलरुबा हाँ इसी अंदाज़ से फरमाये जा

गीत सुना सकता हूँ दादरा ,गिनकर पूरे बारह मातरा

चाहे नमूना देख लो–हाय

धीरे से जाना बगियन में, धीरे से जाना बगियन में,

रे  भंवरा– धीरे से जाना बगियन में,

ओये लाला धिंग लाला –२

ओ हो हो तू कला का है दीवाना, काम है क्या तुझको बहाना

लेके इक अंगड़ाई मुझ पे डाल  नज़र बन जा दीवाना

हाँ ये अच्छा है बहांना मैं कला का हूँ दीवाना

लेकिन पहले दे दो मेरा पांच रुपैया बारह आना

पांच रुपैया बारह आना, बारह आना आ आ आ

मारेगा भैया न न न ना आ आ अ

बेखबर, प्यार कर, धन की दुनिया क्या है ढलती छाया है

हाय हाय हाय दिलरुबा सच कहा साँच तेरा प्यार बाकी माया है

तेरे लिए जोगी बन सकता हूँ, जंगल जंगल फिर सकता हूँ

चाहे नमूना देख लो–हाय

तेरी गठरी में लागा चोर मुसाफिर जाग ज़रा तू जाग ज़रा –२

आ हा हा मैं हूँ तेरी जान ए जाना, आ मुझी से लय लगाना

लेके इक अंगड़ाई मुझ पे डाल  नज़र बन जा दीवाना

जय गुरु मैंने ये माना तू है मेरी जान ए जाना

लेकिन पहले दे दो मेरा–  यक  दुइ तीन चार पांच– पांच रुपैया बारह आना

पांच रुपैया बारह आना, बारह आना आ आ आ

मारेगा भैया न न न ना आ आ अ

Lyrics courtesy: TheSongPedia

YouTube Link For The Song

This comic song from Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi(1958) is one of my all time favorites with a video which is a sheer delight to watch. Both Madhubala and Kishore enact the words so well. Kishor’s delivery as the actor and playback singer is top-notch in this song. The song has three acts in which Kishor briefly performs as Majnoo(A lover like Romeo), as an artist(singer) and as a yogi. All of these are hilarious and his experiments with voice along with yodeling are melodious. Asha’s voice, S. D. Burman’s music as well as Majrooh Sultanpuri’s lyrics is wonderful especially latter because this is a different type of song demanding multiple acts within a brief span of five minutes!